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日々是好日 Every Day Is a Good Day

16 year old YAMAGUCHI Ritsu has a busy life. She is a high school student, but she also spends all her extra time helping her mother by delivering udon and ramen for a restaurant. One day her life changes shen she goes to make an udon delivery, and walks into a den of Yakuza. The room is filled with tough, dangerous-looking characters, most with scraggly stubble and smoking cigarettes. Flustered by meeting this rough group, Ritsu delivers the food in a hurry, and rushes out the door. She doesn’t notice that she has captured the attention of the group’s leader, a guy with slicked back hair, sunglasses, and stubbly chin. Still shaken by her meeting with the Yakuza, Ritsu is further stunned when their leader walks into their restaurant, dressed in a slick suit, with sunglasses on, and a bird on his shoulder. Much to her surprise, he wants to see Ritsu! He returns the large metal box Ritsu uses to carry the noodles in when making deliveries (she left it at the Yakuza hideout) and then stuns Ritsu by asking if she would like to go out with him! His name is HANAOKA Kyoshi, and he is the son of a Yakuza leader. He has his own group that serves him. The moment he saw Ritsu, he fell for her like a ton of bricks, and really wants her to go out with him. Kyoshi, despite his tough exterior is very very cute. He is eager to go out with Ritsu, and so happy and hyper about being around her. Ritsu is understandably wary about going out with the son of a Yakuza family. He’s a dangerous guy! But he is really cute, and is awfully determined… how can she refuse? Thus begins an interesting relationship between the delivery girl and gangster! [B-U M]

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  1. Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
  4. HINATA Mahiru
  5. HINATA Mahiru
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