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Hagiwara Mio is a young rising star in the celebrity world of Japan. She has always been in love with her neighbour, the handsome actor Morimoto Teruomi, who is the motivation for Mio to continue being an actress. However, Teruomi falls in love with Sawaki Aya instead, who's the best friend of Mio as well as a popular singer. At the verge of a break-down, Mio was comforted by the genius director, Kumagai Ichiya. A heart-broken Mio slowly finds herself attracted to Ichiya in spite of herself, but why is Ichiya always keeping a distance between Mio and himself?

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  1. Drama, Romance, Shoujo
  2. Completed
  3. Yoshizumi Wataru
  4. Yoshizumi Wataru
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