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はなしのぶの恋, , 花忍の恋, , 花忍之恋

1-3) A boy, who always gets bullied is told by his dad that the day he turns sixteen he is going to get someone that will always be with him. The boy, Kazu-kun, believes it will be a fiancee, since his dad got a wife (his mom) and his grandma a husband (his grandpa) on their sixteen birthday, but oh surprise, it is a boy and he is a ninja. So begins the story between Kazu-kun and Masanaru and their romance.

4) Path To Happiness
Single father and jobless Yagami Chiharu is saved from being hit by a car by an old high school friend, Okumura Masakazu, but the latter gets injured. So Yagami becomes Okumura's housekeeper until he recovers from his injury.

5) Project Section 3: Only For Two
Yokohama Takashi became a toy maker chasing a childhood dream, but when his project gets the worst selling record, he is demoted in the third section, where all the employees end up quitting... Will Yokohama be able to revive the team with the support of the section manager?

6) Banquet For Two
Continuation to the previous chapter. To celebrate the sales success Yokohama organizes a banquet...

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  1. Comedy, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Yaoi
  2. 2007
  3. Completed
  4. KOIKE Marumi
  5. KOIKE Marumi
  6. 1 Votes, Rating: 5
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