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願い叶えたまえ; Negai Kanae Tamae

Aka Negai Kanae Tamae

Note: There is also a sequel to Grant My Wish and I've only included chapters relevant to the story.
It is called Viewing Heaven aka Tengoku ga Mieru. Please check below for the link.

Kinukawa Yuusuke is a second-class pianist who earns a living by playing in small clubs. Things become complicated when Fukami, a yakuza boss with mesmerizing looks, becomes a regular at Yuusuke's piano bar. As Fukami's appreciation for Yuusuke's piano playing grows, so do Yuusuke's feelings for him. Although Yuusuke knows he shouldn't be attracted to such a dangerous man, he finds himself unable to stop thinking about Fukami. And so, one night in a desperate attempt to get Fukami's attention on something other than music, Yuusuke spills a drink on him...

Is love understanding someone even when he doesn't understand himself? Sometimes the music of the soul is sweeter than any instrument in Nishida Higashi's story of two very unlikely men.

Features a story called Boku wa Taisetsuna (My Precious One) in vol.2 However, Moon In The Box doesn't allow any of their releases to be redistributed. Please check below for the link.

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  • Volume 3
  • 1 year agoGrant My Wish 15.5: Special Hanaoto Summer Limited Edition Booklet Story
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  1. Action, Drama, Psychological, Yaoi
  2. Completed
  3. Nishida Higashi
  4. Nishida Higashi
  5. 1 Votes, Rating: 5
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