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他是專家 ; GATENなアイツ

1-3) Gaten na Aitsu Main story is about a rich boy who is always harassed by his senpai. The guy who lives with his family witness him almost raped by his senpai... 4) Play Boys blues Prequel (P.B. This story takes place after Shinobu quits being a gigolo and before the actual P.B.B series. You do not have to read this before reading the series and vice versa. Shinobu and Jyusuke are still friends even though Shinobu quit being a gigolo. This is their story on how they became so close to each more ways then one. (Summary by Karina) ~~~~~~~~ Note ~ Play Boy Blues, Gaten na aitsu, Kawaige, Stepping Stone, Punch Up! and Otonage. are loosely connected.

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  1. Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
  2. 2000
  3. Completed
  4. KANO Shiuko
  5. KANO Shiuko
  6. 1 Votes, Rating: 5
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