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풀하우스2부 (엘리와 라이더의 새로운 이야기); Full House 2; Full House 2: Ally & Ryder's Second Story

They say marriage is the happy ending of a beautiful love but isn’t it also the beginning of a new story?
A year has passed since Ryder and Ellie got married. And our couple is still deeply is love with each other even though there are people who are still against their marriage. This story is a continuation from the original series, this time it is a journey for Ryder and Ellieo to find trust and love through many obstacles and hardships….

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  1. Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance
  2. 2005
  3. Completed
  4. Woon Soo-yeon
  5. Woon Soo-yeon
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