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フィアンセしたい, , 我要嫁给你, , Fiancée Shitai , Fiancee Shitai , Hoken Shitsu no My Darling , Hoken shitu no my darling , I Want To Be A Fiancée , My Darling in t

1) I Want to Be a Fiancée (Fiancée Shitai). (There are 5 chapters to this story). Yukimi is a high school junior and cheerleader already scheduled for her first marriage interview. She's seen a disappointing picture of her nerdy potential groom - and he has such a weird name - so Yukimi has every intention of rejecting him, but she's still curious to go and see what a marriage interview is like. Later that day, Yukimi meets her ideal man at a football match and inadvertantly begins cheering only for him -- despite the fact that he's the opposing team's quarterback! He gives her a bold and seductive response. Ah, if only Yukimi's marriage interview could be with a guy like this... But why won't the sexy quarterback tell Yukimi his name...?

2) My Darling in the Infirmary Room (Hoken Shitsu no My Darling)
Maki doesn't mind a few cuts and bruises if it'll earn her a ticket to the campus infirmary room. That's because her school's doctor is handsome Takashiro, age 23, single. She works so hard to make passes at him - and Takashiro knows it. But is Maki really so busy trying to catch his attention that she doesn't notice...?

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  1. Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Smut
  2. 1994
  3. Completed
  4. SHINJO Mayu
  5. SHINJO Mayu
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