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賢者の石; Bara Yori mo Akaku Yuki Yori mo Shiroku; Elixer; Gothic Anatomia; Ofiukusu no Keifu; Senya no Tabibito; The Philosopher's Stone; Zakuro no Meikyuu

Set in medieval Europe, the alchemist Lorenzo travels in search of the Elixir (Philospher's Stone), the legendary treasure that was stolen a hundred years ago from the royal family of Cyprus. Along the way, he'll have to deal with ghosts, pirates, witch hunts, and more. Volume 1: Zakuro no Meikyuu (Labyrinth of Granacis) Volume 2: Bara Yori mo Akaku Yuki Yori mo Shiroku (Redder than Roses, Whiter than Snow) Volume 3: Gothic Anatomia Volume 4: Ofiukusu no Keifu Volume 5: Senya no Tabibito

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  1. Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Supernatural
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
  4. Akino Matsuri
  5. Akino Matsuri
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