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楼兰旖梦; Lou Lan Yi Meng; Loulan Yi Meng; Lâu Lan Y Mộng

From Friendship Scans:

During the surreal and prosperous Han Dynasty in Ancient China, there lived a celestial princess named Moyena who was able to capture the hearts of all the Chinese noblemen in the capital, including the Emperor himself. However, Moyena only has eyes for two handsome young men: her cousin, Moluoni, and his best friend, Chen Yuxiu. Despite Moyena's alluring beauty and livid personality, both she and Moluoni are royal hostages from the Loulan Kingdom for the Han Empire. When war threatens to break out between Han and Loulan, the Emperor devises a scheme to ultimately obtain Moyena while exile Moluoni and Chen Yuxiu to Loulan as peacemakers. But politics is never so transparent and clear, because the Emperor wasn't able to capture Moyena, so he decided to send a "little punishment" for the Loulan Kingdom...

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  1. Adventure, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
  2. 2006
  3. Completed
  4. Ding Bing
  5. Ding Bing
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