Dounika Naru Hibi Manga

Dou ni ka naru hibi ~ Happy-Go-Lucky Days, Happy-Go-Lucky Days, Happy-Go-Lucky Days 5, Sensei no Kuseni

Collection of mildly erotic short stories about various sides of human's relationships and their sexuality.

Volume 1:

1) Scene1
About one night stand that turns into something more.
2) Scene2
About a boy in need of attention and a girl in need of love.
3) Scene3
About a woman, her strange roommate and a blind date.
4) Scene4
About schoolteacher, his sister and the sister's boyfriend. (features the couple from scene 1)
Omake 1) Belief in Being Bare
Omake 2) Happy Ending
Omake 3) Even Though You're a Teacher (Sensei no Kuseni)

Volume 2:

5) Scene5
About a woman who goes to the wedding of a woman she was in love with back in school and ends up hooking up with another woman there (who also happens to be in love with the woman getting married).

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  1. Drama, Mature, Romance, Yaoi, Yuri
  2. 2003
  3. Completed
  4. SHIMURA Takako
  5. SHIMURA Takako
  6. 1 Votes, Rating: 1
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