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どがしかでん! Dogashi Kaden, Dogashi Kaden!, Dogashikaden

From Our Hero is aspiring to be a basketball player since his childhood. Although being short, Haruyoshi joins the basketball club in his school, but always was just the 'errand boy' for the rest. Running... into a girl changes his destiny. She, being the clubs manager, investigates a scouting note which leads her back to him after their first encounter. Will she turn Haruyoshi into a great basketball player? From SCX-Scans: Haruyoshi, who has always been stuck as a benchwarmer, plans to start fresh at his new school. Luckily, Haruyoshi runs, literally, into the basketball club manager, Hadzuki, who sees potential in him. However, things won't be a smooth sailing from there...

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  1. Comedy, Shounen, Sports
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
  4. HAMADA Kosuke
  5. HAMADA Kosuke
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