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Delicate ni Kiss Shite Deri Kiss Deriketo ni kisu shite Derikisu Derikisu! Derikisu! ~ Ikenie

Chap 1 IKENIE- Dim-bulb Suga is proud of his super smart boyfriend Yoshinari. But will a smarter Suga bring them closer together, or drive them further apart? Chap 2 DERIKISU!- Suga is always impressed by Yoshinari's calm face. But beneath the surface Yoshinari's thoughts are far from calm. Chap 3 DERIKETO NI KISU SHITE- When Suga realizes he's both shorter and heavier than Yoshinari, he's surprised. It's true their love life has slowed down lately. Can Suga diet the magic back into their relationship?

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  1. Comedy, Romance, School Life
  2. 2003
  3. Completed
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