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純情的同居, ... Curtain., …カーテン。, …カーテン。先生と清らかに同棲, …カーテン。~先生と清らかに同棲~

Contains 5 short stories: 1. Living purely together with Sensei: Hiyori Okamura is a new mathematics teacher at a high school she graduated from. She still loves Shibasaki, a chemistry teacher who she loved as a student. One day, it happened that Hiyori couldn't use her room, so she moved to Shibasaki's room in the same apartment house, and began to live there. A curtain divided the room in two, and Hiyori and Shibasaki...!? 2. Love Duet: Honda Ema works with and is attracted to Sawaki Koutaro. Honda plays the piano and is taught by Sawaki's little sister. But due to an accident Sawaki will be teaching her. 3. Sweet days for you, too 4. Impassioned Drawing 5. Entreaty Guidance -Impassioned Drawing 2-

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  1. Josei, Romance, Smut
  2. 2005
  3. Completed
  4. MIZUTANI Kyoko
  5. MIZUTANI Kyoko
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