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きゅーきゅーキュート; 变装魔界留学生; Kyu Kyu Cute!

To use his ability for good, is Kasuga Rito's hidden wish, but to do that, he needs to gain magic power first. Rito is a sophomore in Rezon Institute, a school for people with special magic abilities. Each student has to reach 100 points to be able to start using their ability, otherwise they won't move up to "Starlight" class. But Rito, known as "the Eternal 99", has been stuck with an unchanging 99 points for a long time.

So here comes his plan: to become friends with Scuse Fontana, a three-day exchange student from the Demon World, and to ask her for some food. (There's rumor that a human can increase his power by eating food from the Demon World). He slips into the hotel where a welcome party is being held for the much respected lady, just to find that she's actually absent. Losing hope, he wastes no time in leaving the hotel. In a back alley behind the hotel, he finds a tiny dragon, which for some reason sticks to his head, and now he can't get it off...

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  1. Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen
  2. Completed
  3. Fujii Rino / Mutou Kurihito
  4. Nojima Kenji
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