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魁!!クロマティ高校 , Cromartie High School

Welcome to Cromartie High—a melting pot of underachievers and overzealous bullies, where the fist rules, and the student body has the combined I.Q. of a rusty nail. After a whole lot of bad judgment and a little bad luck, Takashi Kamiyama is now attending this academy of dunces. Here, his only homework will be defending himself against the foul-mouthed robots, semi-intelligent apes, and masked villains that roam the halls of Cromartie High School!

The chapter numbers are incorrectly numbered starting from Volume 14 (the volume begins with chapter 267 even though the final chapter of vol 13 was 269).

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  1. Comedy, Shounen
  2. 2000
  3. Completed
  4. NONAKA Eiji
  5. NONAKA Eiji
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