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1) Training Love: What happens when Tachibana finds out that Aya has a secret hobby, will he tell Fujiki, who Aya likes or will he keep it a secret? Soon Aya starts to have feelings for Tachibana, how will it go? 2) Pale Sacrifice: Yuri's handsome bodyguard Kashiwagi is always there to protect her. But at night he changes into a wolfish guy and Yuri wouldn't mind being eaten up... 3) Midsummer Temptation: Shiori was a substitute teacher when she met Yuu, and now the two have been dating for awhile. But Shiori is trying to find a job and the stress may be too much for their relationship. 4) The Wound: Mayu has just started dating Kazuya, the hardworking guy she sees every day on her way to work. But there's something she's worried about telling him: she was in a car accident when she was three and has a huge scar that runs down her body. But Kazuya won't mind, right?

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  1. Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Smut
  2. 2005
  3. Completed
  4. KANOU Noriko
  5. KANOU Noriko
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