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Father Olivier of the Vasaria order is having an religious crisis and has decided to seek out the evil beast god G (whose name we cannot speak) who is rumoured to be able to grant wishes. Along his journey, he meets a mysterious girl called Ohri, who claims to be a sorceress from G's island, who is returning home. Since they were both heading for the same place, they decided to journey together. However, Father Messiah of the Vasaria Order is infuriated that Olivier has left the order to seek out an evil god. And has swallowed his pride to engage the services of Suzu, a Dark Elf, to capture Olivier and return him to the order. "Gestalt" is a german word and means "shape".

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  1. Fantasy, Gender Bender
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
  4. Kouga Yun
  5. Kouga Yun
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