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ブレイクショット, , 撞球小子, , 撞球高手, , Hoàng Phi Hồng - Cao Thủ, Bi-da

From Mangasync:
A boy named Oda Nobusuke is very infatuated with billiards. Problems arise when a new student body president, Mako, suddenly decided to cut the funding for his billiards club. Unhappy with that, Oda wants to convince Mako that his billiards club is worthy of the funding. He decided to challenge a two-time former national billiards champion. Will Oda be able to defend his club?

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  1. Shounen, Sports
  2. 1987
  3. Completed
  4. MAEKAWA Takeshi
  5. MAEKAWA Takeshi
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