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バンビ, , Bambi and Her Pink Gun

From Manga-Sketchbook:
The word is out on the streets: a reward of five million dollars to the opportunist that wastes the courier calling herself Bambi and returns her living cargo. Chainsaw swinging psychos, gold-toothed Elvises, Derringer-packing grannies and all the other scum in these badlands could care less whether Bambi is kidnapping this toddler she christened "Pampi" or if she's snatching him back from his captors. With a pink gun in one hand, and a leashed Pampi in the other, can antihero Bambi's huge ego and formidable gun skills hold off an army?

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  1. Action, Mature, Seinen
  2. 1998
  3. Completed
  4. KANEKO Atsushi
  5. KANEKO Atsushi
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