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明黄色相悖论; 糖稀色相悖论; 飴色パラドックス; Amber Paradox

[From Nakama] A change in the stakeout team throws Onoe, reporter for a weekly magazine, together with his contemporary, Kaburagi, a photographer. Onoe secretly considers Kaburagi his rival, and Kaburagi's haphazard way of doing things goes against Onoe's strong sense of ethics--there's nothing but conflict between them. But, in joint pursuit of a scandal, the two of them begin to care about each other...? Introducing the main fighting couple!

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  1. Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
  2. Completed
  3. Natsume Isaku
  4. Natsume Isaku
  5. 19 Votes, Rating: 4.8
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