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Reversal of Love Talk

1-2) A kind uncle, Suda Masayoshi, met a middle school brat, Hasegawa Souma, when he moved into his new house. Because of Souma's complicated background, Masayoshi decided to take Souma in and raised him. Two years later, the high-schooler Souma confessed his love to Masayoshi. A cute little puppy turned into a horny wolf, how would our dear Masayoshi handle Souma? 3-4) Reversal of Love Talk Long-time lovers Anri and Satoshi have hit a rough patch. Satoshi isn't as loving as he used to be and Anri seems to get needier every day. Will these two survive their troubles, or is it time to call it quits? 5) I Will Wait for You High school student Kengo's pretty miserable when his girlfriend dumps him right before Christmas. Trying to keep his mind occupied by working at his family's bar, he finds himself thrown in with regular drinker Nishizawa whose kindness soothes Kengo. 6) Uncontrolled Puberty Shuuto's attempts to control his feelings for his older brother's friend Yukihiro are failing miserably. No matter what he tries, the high school student can't stop fantasizing about his long time crush. But Yukihiro has no intention of letting Shuuto avoid him forever... 7) Passion Recycle 8-page short about a sexually molesting shop owner, and the employee who puts up with it for some reason. 8) Honey 8 page short about a student trying to hide his secret crush from his overly affectionate best friend.

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  1. Yaoi
  2. 2007
  3. Completed
  4. ABE Akane
  5. ABE Akane
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