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サイレン; PSYЯEN; PSYREN-サイレン-; ســايــرن

PSYREN follows the adventures of Ageha Yoshina, a high school student who is chosen by Nemesis Q as a participant in the Psyren games. The games take place in a world known initially as Psyren, which is revealed to be the real world in the future. Ageha and his friends attempt to alter the future and save the world from becoming Psyren.

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  • Volume 17
  • 3 years agoPsyren 146: Omake: Psyren Bangaihen
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  1. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
  2. 2008
  3. Completed
  4. Iwashiro Toshiaki
  5. Iwashiro Toshiaki
  6. 2 Votes, Rating: 5
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