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マイナス6ミリのタブー, マイナス6mmの禁忌, 6mm no Taboo

Collection of oneshots: 1)Half Moon Tsukito is known as the "Angel of Death" due to the misforune that falls to anyone that associates with him. A yakuza intrusted with the mission to kill a trader, is looking for a one sweet night before the deadly mission. But perhaps the night will become more than just one night. "remember me in night of the half moon" 2) Private Gallery 3) Lover's Return Akimi Kenishi was kidnapped as a little boy in a foreign country and became a pedophile's toy in human trafficing business. His parents hired a detective to rescue their son. And the boy falls in love with his hero. 4) Night of Dismantlement Kou was 12 when he was violeted by his older brother. But the one who feels the passion is Kou, and he fears that one day, his aniki will leave him. The insecuirty lead him to the wrong path. Will his brother make Kou his own? 5) -6mm no Taboo 6) Neji no Kaiten EX Continuation of Neji no Kaiten Hyato is moving into Ryuu's aparemtne in the excuse of experiancing the real world. What his parents dn't know, is that they are actually lovers. But Ryuu is Hyato's first time, but Hyato isn't Ryuu's first time. But why is Ryuu so insistant in wearing condom? Does he plan to have other partners beside him?

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  1. Drama, Mature, Yaoi
  2. 2005
  3. Completed
  4. SADAHIRO Mika
  5. SADAHIRO Mika
  6. 9 Votes, Rating: 4.8
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