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4 jouhan Sweet Home , 4畳半Sweet Home, Sweet Prison, Yojouhan Sweet Home - Northmen

Series of short stories revolving around a poor builder and a wealthy proprieter, including: 1) Sweet Home- Mizuho is living on the edge of poverty in a 4.5 tatami mat room (7.5 square meters) due to his family's debt. One day he collapsed from hunger and is carried home by his unruly coworker Yae-san. Is the willful Yae truly what he appears to be? 2) Sweet Prisoner- A misunderstanding leads to S&M. 3) Sweet Worker- A coworker takes an interest in Mizuho. 4) Sweet Memories- Mizuho's old apartment is being torn down. 5) Northmen Takes place in the time of the Vikings.

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  1. Comedy, Slice of Life, Yaoi
  2. 2002
  3. Completed
  4. OUMI Shinano
  5. OUMI Shinano
  6. 5 Votes, Rating: 5
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