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Love in a 1k Apartment, Lovers in 1K Apartment, Lover's Flat (FUJIYAMA Hyouta), Love in a Small Apartment, Stories of Love in 1k Apartment

1) 1K Apartment's Love
Kouno is the new exchange student and he hit it off immediately with Natsu his easy going classmate.

2) 1K Apartment's Roommates
Naomichi wants to leave his home town and get a taste of the big city life, and when his childhood friend Kei decides to go to university in the city, they decide to live together to cut cost.

3) The Ghost That Resides in Your Heart ~ first part
Kouno has been behaving weirdly and Natsu doesn't get the sudden change in attitude, and then he finds a letter that is address to Kouno...

4) The Ghost That Resides in Your Heart ~ last part
After the very public brawl in school between Kouno and Natsu, things remain as tense.

5) My Motive, Heart and Body
Naomichi is struggling to bring his relationship with Kei to the next level.

6) In This Little Apartment
Springtime is the season for reflection... Kei has just finished his second year of university, and the high schoolers, Kouno and Natsu, have just graduated, and Naomichi has just quit his third job since moving to the city.

7) No Matter Where We Are
It has been two years, Kei and Naomichi finally decides to move out of their 1K apartment into a 2DK apartment down the road. Kouno and Natsu offer to help them move

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  1. Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi
  2. 2001
  3. Completed
  4. FUJIYAMA Hyouta
  5. FUJIYAMA Hyouta
  6. 5 Votes, Rating: 4.2
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