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  1. It's a "Rople Playing" part of the forum, meaning that it's a part of the forum in which you only post as the character you created.
    For example, I created a character called 'Nakahara Rei' so whenever I post in one of the RP thread, I write as if I was writing a novel(except that I'm only playing my characters, and can't know what the others are going to do with their own). It's an interactive story if you want =)
    We decide what background we want to give to our story(here we agreed on Amatasuki's one, so it's about Japanese High School students who are sent to the Old Japan, in Edo's time, because of Yôkais) and then we act according to the main storyline of the manga but we change whatever we feel like changing in it. If there are some major changes we want to make we discuss them in the "Questions about RP" thread(or through PMs to everyone) before since this is an Off-Game thread of the RolePlay section, then once we all agreed we play along in the In-Game threads.

    Here are the step you should follow to join us now in the In-Game part:

    1/Choose whether you want your character to be one of the lost high school students or one of the people from Old Japan that they will encounter there.

    2/Create your own character(You can use our characters' profiles for references if needed) and post his/her details with ours in the right thread.

    3/Read what we already posted so you know where we are and what we're doing IG(In Game)

    4/Post In-Game when you think it could make sense to add another person.(Or PM one of the persons already RPlaying and we'll RP(post In-Game) in a way to make it easier for you to join us).

    5/ALWAYS post according to your character's personality, age, details, etc. AND according to the background which was set and have fun imagining and writing with us. (xD)
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  2. Awesome @Bori ! I'll link to this post from the manga pages
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  3. @Scoutz Thanks =)
    Is this any good though? Or did I miss an important detail or point?
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  4. @Bori looks good for now :3 If there is anything else I'll add it to your post ^^
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  5. @Scoutz okay cool
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  6. @Bori where do we rp?
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  7. @XxnekoxX There's an RP link on the left of the forums- You should be able to see the posts on the RP topics there
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  8. This Roleplaying thingy sounds really fun,but do I have to read Amatsuki first before I join this game? For now, all I know is highschool kids taken back in the Edo era with lots of demons...
    Can I just be this random character that pops up suddenly and joins u guys?
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  9. @sofuto112 To be honest, I'm not very knowledgable about Amatsuki myself. Just having a general idea is good enough, probably, and if you don't understand something, you could always just ask.

    If you've read what we have in the RP forum so far, then you can decide what background your character has first. Then unless you want to be someone from the Edo period, you could be someone from the other class that went with us to Kyoto- or you can think about it a bit more.
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  10. @sofuto112 Ooooh, and Welcome to the site!
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  11. @Rhea147: Naww... thank you
    Well, I will continue to read up to what you guys have done so far in the game, and think up something... So until then, Ciao!
    Posted 2 years ago | report
  12. helpful..thanks
    Posted 2 years ago | report
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